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Workshops & Facilitation

The above vlog is from a walking meeting as part of a recent workshop.

Workshops, coaching and facilitated sessions are available to unlock the blocks to personal, procurement or organisational potential, and can cover topics such as: 
  • Unlocking procurement potential (this post may give a flavour of the outcome of using one tool)
  • Unlocking innovation and creativity
  • Unlocking supplier potential
  • Unlocking buyer/supplier relationships (interesting insights from a session with a group of suppliers)
  • Unlocking your influence (although it often gets included as part of wider category management and supplier management workshops - see posts for details of some the enablers for change covered during these sessions)  
  • Unlocking stakeholder engagement (case study here)
  • Unlocking collaboration (although sometimes it can just need you to stand in their shoes)
  • Unlocking meeting and facilitation skills (over recent months I realise many people would benefit from understanding the different tools available to unlock potential within our stakeholder and supplier meetings)
  • Unlocking resistance to change
  • Unlocking the blocks to making progress (case studies here & here)
  • Unlocking competency development (often via 1:1 or 1:3 coaching sessions)
  • Using conventional and unconventional tools to facilitate change (more here)
  • And more conventional category management and supplier management
A conventional format for workshops can be arranged even if unconventional tools are used to support specific agenda items. For example the vlog above was from a walking meeting as part of recent category management and supplier management workshops in Warsaw.

However workshops can take place in more unconventional settings such as:
  • Museums
  • On a boat
  • In parks and gardens (with access to a meeting room for summary, and when weather dictates we head indoors)
  • On trains and at train stations 
  • On the shop floor (whatever that looks like for your organisation)
  • At a supplier's premises
  • And so on
Location, agenda, format, and types of conventional and unconventional tools used will be aligned with organisational requirements, and developed to suit the time available, location, agreed objectives and individuals involved (whether procurement, stakeholders or suppliers). 

Please do ask for further details about any of the above, or any other topics related to unlocking procurement potential. 

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Unlocking personal, procurement and organisational potential using unconventional tools

(The index of posts applying unconventional tools to challenges faced by procurement may help demonstrate the power of the tools to facilitate change, provide new perspectives and unlock that potential.)
+44 (0)7770 538159

"Alison brings a unique blend of effective facilitation skills together with an in depth understanding of the corporate world. This enable her to subtly lead executives through the frameworks for change process (one of the unconventional tools she uses) that eliminates the barriers to moving forward and enables both individuals and teams to find the right track to improve performance, results and personal well being. I can highly recommend Alison to leaders who are looking for, and are prepared to explore something that is different but is so very effective.”Drew Pryde, Chairman The Scottish Institute for Business Leaders (SIBL)