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Consultancy and Training

Global procurement consultant, coach, trainer and facilitator - inspiring change inside and out because without it sustained change isn't possible.

There could be many reasons that a procurement team isn't performing as it should. Specific interventions available include:
  • Communication and relationships diagnostic
  • Communication and relationship strategy development
  • Communication planning - within the team and with stakeholders
  • Relationship management - within the team, with internal stakeholders or suppliers
  • Personal development - of managers or team members
  • Coaching individuals or teams to address specific business needs
  • Identifying and planning resolution of specific problems within the team or a project
  • Procurement skills development - both functional & business skills, in 2016 this included supplier management, and category management training.
  • Project or meeting facilitation
Which of these will benefit you and your team most will depend on the business need that is currently not being met within the team.

These services are available ad hoc, for planned interventions, and also on a retainer basis for x hours or days a month. See case studies for more detail behind some projects I have worked on. Other services offered include learning and development, coaching and facilitation.

For more of my history please see the about tab.
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Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Inspiring change inside and out