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Coaching and Facilitation

In addition to procurement consultancy, and training services I also provide broader Learning and development, one to one coaching, group facilitation, and speaking services.

Inspiring change inside and out is a common theme to the coaching and facilitation I do because without it sustained change just isn't possible.

Learning and Development 

Sessions are often bespoke for the client based on the challenges you're facing. Sessions in the past have included: specific problem resolution, stakeholder engagement, embracing change, taking personal responsibility, communication and influencing, keeping on track and strategy development.

“Alison has a strong passion and energy for what she does which was demonstrated in her ability to run an innovative session for my team that identified what was holding us back from being a high performing team. This ability, when coupled with her capability to bring fun into the session, was a powerful tool for helping my team realise their full potential.” 
Cara Murphy, Senior Category Manager Lloyds Banking Group.

Facilitation and Coaching

When coaching or facilitating the aim is to identify what has to happen in order for you to achieve your goal - whether that goal is in a business, team or personal setting. I have developed a Pinterest board to identify the many outcomes that are possible from coaching - these apply equally to facilitated group settings.

There's also blogs on how I personally coaches clients and on team development sessions.

In addition to using more conventional personal development and coaching tools and techniques there are two tools I use that require specific mention: Frameworks for Change coaching Process and Landscaping Your Life. The links take you to posts providing more detail about these thought provoking, unique and effective tools. I also uses metaphor in much of my work.

"Alison brings a unique blend of effective facilitation skills together with an in depth understanding of the corporate world. This enable her to subtly lead executives through the frameworks for change process that eliminates the barriers to moving forward and enables both individuals and teams to find the right track to improve performance, results and personal wellbeing. I can highly recommend Alison to leaders who are looking for, and are prepared to explore something that is different but is so very effective.” 

For more information on the services I offer do please give me a call +44 (0)7770 538159 or email me on

Alison Smith
The Purchasing Coach
Inspiring change inside and out