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Thursday, 16 November 2017

I've written a blog on that part 2

I've just had one of those great months full of what I'm passionate about.

Just in case you're not sure what I do, therefore, I thought I'd summarise why I'm so enthused, and then share a few posts that I've mentioned to people recently in a "I've written a blog on that" sort of way.  

Over recent months I've been busy with:
  • Category management / procurement workshops - including stakeholder engagement, value levers, and creativity. Keeping the energy up, minds open and constantly looking for new ways to bring the 'theory and process' alive.
  • 1:1 Coaching - OMG - I love the diversity of challenges we explore, and real difference it can make. Always searching for those powerful questions that unlock people's potential - in procurement, business and personally.
  • Vlogging - thanks Tina for reminding me how much I enjoy exploring ideas this way  - even if I'm rarely in front of the camera :-). (see my YouTube channel for more)
  • Writing - more very soon on this - with great things planned for 2018. 
And if that's not enough I'm still managing to open water swim here in Scotland which all adds to the high. (This picture was taken at 0745 one November morning just before sunrise with frost on the ground and an air temperature of 3 degrees. We think the sea will have been about 8 or 9!)
After a busy few months of workshops I've a number of new followers for this blog, and as I've also mentioned a few posts during those workshops I thought I'd provide an index of them here.

But first, a few indexes of posts any new followers might also find helpful:
Posts written since the last index, and mentioned either in conversation or whilst facilitating include:
And for anyone interested in reading more about the subject of the book I'm writing then do see my Landscaping Your Life blog.

I have also written a number of more procurementy posts for Future Purchasing (even if with an Alisony twist), including:
I hope something here will have had you exploring a post or two, and a nugget of insight obtained as a result.

Topics for future posts always welcome (please be kind :-)). 

Discussions about opportunities to make a difference with your team most welcome too +44 (0)7770 538159

Alison Smith
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Monday, 13 November 2017

World Kindness Day

I celebrate a mid decade birthday today - not quite as profound an impact as my 50th birthday but never the less thought provoking as time ticks by and another milestone birthday approaches.

I often use my birthday as a means of reflecting on progress, resetting intentions, and inspiring future action. Which means a Transformation Game won't be far away.

As I revisited my Fab at 50 post from 5 years ago, and mulled on the fact that 13th November is also World Kindness day, I realised my to-be list at that time, whilst not addressing kindness directly, certainly mentioned other ways of 'being' that align with it:

35. Loving
36. Open
37. Trusting 
38. Enthusiastic
39. Joyous
40. Positive
41. Challenging
Are on my To-Be list to be the change I want to see in the world.

Just like kindness isn't for one day, neither is being loving, trusting and open. What today does help me do though is reflect on how well I'm meeting my intention, and identify ways I can model more of what I want to see in the world - every day - not just my birthday.

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You may also like my Is there room for kindness in Procurement post from the archives in answer to someone's suggestion that there wasn't room - to which my response was "we're doomed" :-)